Saturday, July 5, 2008



Ingredients for Dough
Cabbage grated 200gm
Wheat flour ½ kg
Gram flour Hand full (optional)
Oregano seeds (Ajwain) ½ tsp
Green chilies chopped 1tsp
Jeera powder ½ tsp
Amchur Powder ½ tsp
Sesame seeds (Til ) ½ tsp optional
Salt 1 tsp tsp
Water 1-1 ½ glass approx
Oil 30ml
Ghee for shallow frying

Mix all the ingredients except ghee in a pan and mix well
Add water and knead the dough.
keep it aside for 10 min
Make small balls out of dough and roll it in to small circular roti of 5 cm diameter
Brush it with ghee on top
Fold it into semicircle apply ghee on top again fold it in to triangular cone shape.
Dust it with dry flour and roll it in to 12 cm triangular shape paratha with the help of rolling pin.
Heat the tava (round flat base pan) put the rolled paratha on it
Cook for 30 sec on one side.
Flip the paratha cook for one min on the other side.
Brush it with 1 tbsp of ghee on both the sides turn by turn
Cook it till crispy brown

Serve with Mango pickle or Curd

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